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If you dedicate the next 12 months to consistently adding relevant, fresh, quality content to all of your digital channels what do you think will happen to your organic rankings?

Stop focusing on keywords, research it, keywords alone are no longer the answer.

The Beast is not Google!  Google, like the rest of us, would like to tame the beast, but that’s impossible. All you can hope to do is feed the beast enough quality content to be, over time, rewarded with higher search rankings. But you can’t feed the beast just any content. The true beast is like a finely tuned machine. It won’t reward just any content for long.
Learn the best content to feed the beast.

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Feed The Beast

Most people still pay a lot of money for SEO, but Google keeps changing things, and really, who can keep up? What we do is help you take your expertise and your passion and show you how to feed it to the beast that controls your success or failure online. 

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We have found that feeding the beast relevant, fresh, quality content – over time – will be rewarded with higher organic rankings. It’s not always simple, but it’s also not that hard. It just takes knowledge of how to do it, help getting it done and time. That’s what FTB (Feed the Beast Digital) is all about.

SYE - Share Your Expertise

What search engines do is look for answers to questions. To be successful online, you should be answering questions. Think about how you use search. Do you have a question in your mind when you pick up your phone and type (say), something into the search box?

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What we help with is talking to your customers about how you solve problems.

Things to remember when you’re feeding the beast.

Right now (Google is working on it), the beast cannot see photographs. They are very good for your human consumers, but the beast needs words to understand what is in your photograph. The Beast likes solutions to problems.

It makes when you state the problem and then tell it how you will solve that problem with the type of details that human beings might want to know.

Relevant, Fresh, Quality Content

Search Engines work every day to serve up the most creditable and trustworthy answer to searches. Trust online comes from other online entities linking (backlinks) to your content because they find it useful.

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To get other websites to link to your content you need to create content that people find useful. You need to be a trusted source for answers in your area of expertise.  We help you take your expertise and develop search engine friendly quality content (including videos) and then deliver that content to web properties that help – over time — build the trust and credibility of your website.

Reviews and Reputation

Learn how to get more reviews from your customers… even if they don’t have a Gmail or Yelp account. The customer journey begins with a Google search, usually on mobile. 

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