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We provide fresh, quality, relevant content and the best digital marketing tools resulting in higher organic rankings for your business.

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Can people find you online? Review your digital marketing footprint with a free Internet Visibility Report.

Free Digital Marketing Tools

With our top digital marketing tools, we make sure your expertise is easy for your customers to find. Our services include reputation management, profile optimization, listings and blog writing.

The beast is not just google!

Free Customer Leads

We provide our customers with an unlimited number of custom leads. This sets out to improve prospect reach and also lead communication. With this, customers will be provided with detailed B2B and or B2C lists.

FTB Digital Helps Your Company To Thrive

In order to get other websites to include links to your content, you need to create content that people find useful to them. You must aim to be the trusted source people set out to use. Our expertise will help you develop your content to be of the highest quality to achieve this aim.



Reviews & Listings

Learn why your business listing (AKA Name, Address, Phone or NAP), are more important than most small businesses realize.  Reviews and Listings are part of an overall strategy of making sure you are doing everything you can to get found online. All Digital Marketing should include Reputation Management and accurate Business Listings.

What Makes FTB Digital So Different?

We will work with you to help create new and relevant content for your digital channels. Our digital marketing experts will help you improve your search rankings, driving more traffic to your website.

Trusted Backlinks

You may wonder what backlinks are. With FTB Digital, we will show you the importance of backlinks that will enhance the trust and credibility of your website.

Improve Your Search Rankings Today With FTB Digital

Google is the ultimate domain for searches around the world. So, it is time to improve your search engine rankings today so your website is the one people choose to visit.

Success Stories

Dave has helped me make sense of what’s happening to my online footprint and how to make it work better for the restaurant. There are so many moving parts that I’m so happy I know I have an expert on call to help stay on top of my digital marketing.”

Nikki L.


“We know we are experts in our field, but it wasn’t until learning from Dave how to use our offline expertise to better online rankings. We discuss all aspects of our business with Dave and if he doesn’t know he always knows where to find the answer.”

Johana S.

Owner - 24/7 Nightingale

“I have owned and been successful with several businesses and it is a pleasure to learn how to use my business knowledge to do better online. Dave has so much experience and keeps up on the digital flow that I know I can ask him about anything and get the best answer available.”

Terry D.


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