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We show you how to put your expertise online where your potential customers can find the solutions you offer to their problems.

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FTB Digital is About Helping You Improve Your Search Rankings

Ask your current digital marketing person what they think would happen if you could put your expertise online? Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

Google does not care who wins — they reward expertise.

Most small businesses struggle for ways to put their expertise online – there are so many channels! Google’s goal is to answer questions in a way that provides a solution from an expert. (See Google’s MUM blog post) You do not need a staff of writers or a lot of knowledge about digital marketing to get your expertise to the places your most likely customers can find it. It’s not brain surgery… it’s nothing like brain surgery and it can help 90% of small businesses get found online.

We work with you to help create new relevant, fresh, quality, content, find the best format for different digital channels and spread your expertise across the web.

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